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Edinburgh, UK

Structured Programming CSS OOP PHP Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Apache MySQL Ubuntu Server Ubuntu Desktop

Analytical • Versatile • Flexible • Hardworking • Research Oriented Developer • Leadership

I am developer with very open mindset, capable of builiding any type of web solutions: CMS, CRM, Blog, Video Site, Image Processing, Music Publishing, Data processing Website etc. I am very much oriented towards administration and management which enables me to be a good team leader or a good project manager.

I didn't became a profesional by studying in a class room. I research and I build, I test, I research again and I build again. Thats what I did, and thats what I will do. RnD is one quality in me that enables me to build anything I want. Even in something I am already experienced at I always research for a better aproach which enables me to do better.

What everyone requires is someone who is capable of solving a problem put forth him, whether that falls under his experience OR NOT. And I am that person.

  • February 2015 - Current
    Software Developer, Lyles Sutherland

    Lyles Sutherland is an innovative and fast growing company that produces web based software for small to medium sized businesses. Their best product is a Property management software called SME Professional. It is one of the top products for its market in Scotland. My primary role is as a Senior Developer for SME Professional and as Lead Developer for SME Professional UAE, an international version of the software. Additionally, I also work on other web development and software development products when required. These works are mainly built on Symfony framework for software, and wordpress for websites.

    My roles in this company are:

    • Design and Develop features or functionalities for software products.
    • Develop and Maintain the back-end of the software mainly SME Professional.
    • Refactor legacy codes to industry standard architecture.
    • Build back-end architecture for SME Professional to overcome flexibility and scalability issues.
    • Fix security and performance issues on the products.
    • Provide support and training for Junior Developers.
    • Review and Quality Assurance.
    • Testing and Deployment.
    • Client Communication.
    • Website Development.
    • Wordpress Plugin Development.
  • January 2013 - Current
    Lead Developer, nGen Technologies

    I am the Lead Developer of nGen Technologies. My roles were:

    • Analyze the Project Specifications/requirements.
    • Design the architural base of a project.
    • Research new technologies for the project.
    • Decide the technologies and methodology of the project.
    • Decide on bug/issue tracking and project versioning.
    • Write and Maintain Project and It's Modules.
    • Technical Direction throughout the development.
    • Review and Test modules build/written by team.
    • Produce End User and Technical Documentation.
    • Quality Assurance.
    • Project Deployment.
    • Research Technologies for company to expand to.
  • January 2013 - Current
    CTO (Chief Technology Officer), nGen Technologies

    As among the founders, I have a decisive role in the company. My primary roles are:

    • Decide Company's Movement.
    • Research and Develop Plans and Projects.
    • Planning and Execution of Projects.
    • Work Distribution.
    • Review and Quality Control.
    • Client Management.
    • Project Delivery.
    • Project Deployment.
    • Server Management and Administration.
  • November 2011 - November 2012
    Lead Designer, Cube Technology

    Cube Technologies is a development and design house, focusing on development of various screen and print design. Managing a small team of designers, I work on this company as Lead Designer.

    Its main product is a classified magazine called The Business Classified (TBC). As a lead designer, I am responsible to create/review every designs for this publications and the company. Such designs include Website Template, Banner, Flyers, Business Cards, Advertisements, Logo Design, Web Graphics etc.

  • November 2011 - November 2012
    Web Programmer, LABA Nepal

    LABA Nepal is an advanced IT Training Centre, who provides various certification coursed in the field of ICT. Its major partners include, EC Council, Microsoft, Cisco, Element K.

    It has a exceptional growth of business. Besides training, it provides several services like application development, Designing (Print & Screen), Security Analysis and many more.

    I have been greatly honoured to be leading this company in the development sector.

    I am mainly responsible managing the team on development of online & desktop applications and designing several Desktop & Print Publications.

  • February 2010 - November 2011
    PHP Programmer, e-Zone International

    e-Zone is an established ISO Certified Software development company. Primary business of the company is developing websites, web applications and tailored desktop applications to various organisation.

    Briefly my primary roles were:

    • Develop Web Applications
    • Client Management
    • Market Research
    • Develop Online Applications
    • Build Customized CMS & E Commerce Solutions.
    • Open Source Customization and Deployment

    I have assisted other development teams in their development with & C# Applications.

Technological Experience
  1. CRM Systems
  2. CMS Websites
  3. Office Automation System
  4. Center Management System
  5. E-commerce Website
  6. MIS (Management Information Systems)
  7. TPS (Transaction Processing Systems)
  8. jQuery Plugins
  9. Web Frameworks
  • International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies, NCC Education 2011
  • International Diploma of Computer Studies, NCC Education 2011
  • General Certificate of Education - Advanced Level, University of Cambridge 2008
  • General Certificate of Education - Advanced Subsidiary Level, University of Cambridge 2008
  • School Leaving Certificate, Ministry of Education & Sports, Government of Nepal 2006
  • Web Back-end Technology

    • Active Server Pages

      Programming Language

  • Web Front-end Technology

    • CSS
      • Cascading Style Sheet 3
      • SASS
      • LESS
    • JavaScript
      • Programming Methodology

        Object Oriented Javascript
      • Frameworks

        Angular JS
      • Framework Components

        Aurelia; React JS
      • Task Runners

        Gulp; Bower
      • JavaScript Libraries

        • jQuery

          Plugin Development

          jQuery Plugins
        • MooTools
    • Google Material Design Lite
  • Database Technology

    MySQL; POSTgreSQL; SQL Server; Oracle
  • Programming Language

    • PHP
      • Frameworks

        • Zend Framework
          • Zend Framework 1

            Search & Indexing Libraries

            Zend Lucene
          • Zend Framework 2
        • Symfony Framework
          Symfony 2; Silex
      • Templating Engines

        Smarty; Twig
      • Dependency Management

      • HTTP Libraries

      • Email Libraries

        Swift Mailer; PHP Mailer
      • Dependency Injections Libraries

        Pimple; Symfony DI
      • Imagery

        GD Library
      • Testing

      • Documentation

      • Debugging Libraries

        XDebug; Tracy
      • Asset Management

      • Event Driven Libraries

        ReactPHP; Ratchet
      • Logging & Tracking Libraries

      • PDF Libraries

      • Database Libraries

        • MySQLi
        • MySQL
        • PDO
        • PostgreSQL
        • Object-relational mapping Libraries
      • Caching

        Alternative PHP Cache
      • Third Party APIs

        Github API; Google API; Office365 API; Pinterest API
      • Open Source CMS Software

        • Wordpress

          Plugin Development

          Wordpress Plugin
        • Joomla

          Extension Development

          Joomla Extension
        • Drupal
        • Bolt
      • Open Source E-Commerce Software

    • Java

      Web Back-end Technology

    • C#
    • Visual Basic
      Visual Basic 6; VB.NET
    • Node JS
  • Graphics Design

    Adobe Photoshop; Adobe Illustrator
  • Print Designs

    Adobe InDesign
  • Operating Systems

    Ubuntu Server; Ubuntu Desktop; Windows; Windows Server; CentOS Server
  • IDE (Integrated Development Environments)

    Adobe Dreamweaver; PHP Storm; Netbeans; Eclipse
  • Text Editors

  • Web Server Applications

    Apache; Nginx; Internet Information Services
  • Programming Methodology

    • Structured Programming
    • Object Oriented Programming
      Design Patterns
  • Programming Architecture

    3-Tier Architecture; Multi-tier Architecture
  • Dependency Management

    Composer; Node Package Manager; JavaScript Package Management
  • PDF Libraries

    • PDF Generators
  • Development Environments

    WAMP Server; XAMPP; Vagrant; LAMP
  • JavaScript Libraries

  • Design Methodology

    Google Material Design
  • Source Code Management

    GIT; SVN
  • UI Technology

    Scalable Vector Graphics
  • Markup Language

    • HTML

      Web Front-end Technology

      • HTML 5

        UI Libraries

        HTML 5 Canvas
    • XML
  • Feeds

    XML Feeds; RSS Feeds; Atom Feeds
  • Fraser Sutherland
    Lyles Sutherland
  • Mansa Rijal Nepal
    nGen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • David Anderson
    Anderson Innovations Pvt. Ltd.
  • Martin Russell
    Martin Prints
  • Deepak Pun
    LABA Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
  • Damodar Adhikari
    Ezone International Pvt. Ltd.